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Being at Bells Beach

Being there :)

Driving to Bells Beach

On the way to Bells Beach :)

Grounded #1

Sitting on the wooden bench outside the RMIT building.

March 11, 2011.

New Bill Henson Exhibition – Wed 30th March 2011

A new exhibition of Bill Henson’s work is opening this Wednesday in Melbourne CBD.


Wednesday 30 March 2011.

Tolarno Galleries
104 Exhibition St


Here are some news articles from the Fairfax media (I would not even bother looking in any Murdoch media outlets for fear of polluting my brain with their bullshit).

Interestingly though there is quite a difference in attitude in the articles in the SMH and the Age even though they are both Fairfax. The SMH is much more conservative and panders more to the scaremongering from people who seem unable to distinguish nudity from erotica. The Age basically just says this is what’s on and Melbournians are not fussed about it.

Sydney Morning Herald:

The Age:

The Age: Video report from his speech at Federetion Square last year.

The Age poll on whether people find Bill Henson’s art offensive:

But wait !!!

Lo and behold, it turns out The SMH article is identical to the article in the Herald Sun (going back on my word not to look, I know) which appears to be from the AAP (Australian Associated Press, founded by Murdoch). Interestingly The SMH reference AAP while the Herald Sun does not.

Also interesting that Bill Henson does not appear to have his own website. Perhaps I can offer to build him one ;)

Mobile – February 2011

Melbourne World Naked Bike Ride 2011

The Melbourne leg of the World Naked Bike Ride :)

March 6, 2011.

New feature: Email subscription

New feature for my website: Email subscriptions!

You can now subscribe to my blog by simply entering your name and email address (and reconfirming their email) in the top right corner of my blog.

You will then receive updates of my blog activity via email (the good old fashioned way), all the better to help you wean yourself off facebook (the not-yet old fashioned way)!

Enjoy :)