Melbourne New Folk – Shoot #1

Melbourne New Folk are ramping it up.

Don’t know what New Folk is? Haha! Time to get your finger back on the pulse…


7 Responses to Melbourne New Folk – Shoot #1

  • Hey Phil, if you have another one of these shoots i’d love to be involved. You took some pics of me and my group at enchanted mutations last year.

    • Hi Sean,

      Sure thing. Get in touch with Dan to get on the list.

      Date for next shoot will be announced soon.


  • Please will anyone from the crew send me photos some of the Enchanted Mutations Bellingen/ Coffs Harbour leg of your tour. I have very fond memories and I would love some reminders……….. thanks guys love Yasmin x x x x

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  • Hey Phil,

    amazing set of shots, nice to see you capture the essence of so many people we know so well :) Would love to take part in some shots if you do some more – there are a fair few of the brunswick/coburg crew that have migrated with us out to Belgrave now but can always make the trip into town for something like this..

    • Hi Brent,

      Yeah sure, bring a whole crew down, the more the merrier :)

      Next shoot is Wed 6 July. Put it in your diary and come on down !


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