Monthly Archives: July 2011

New Folk Abandoned Warehouse Party

If any performers or bands want to use any of these images for promo please get in touch :)

Dream clouds

Just a few shots of the July Melbourne sky. The colours are natural, just boosted a bit.



Fairy project :)

Feeling fairy inspired ??

I wanna do a project to turn nudes into fairies, kinda like the below examples but from photos.

It goes like this: I take nude photo(s), you illustrate the photo either by hand or digitally to turn them into fairies. You know, give them wings, put them on toadstools, in forrests, or cities, whatever :)

So, I need:

– nude fairy volunteers (face need not necessarily need to be identifiable) and;
– someone who wants to turn people into fairies.

Could even have various people work on the same photo and see what comes out.

Anyone interested? Get in touch :)


(Ripped these images off the net, let me know it they are yours an you want them removed or credited)