Eros Shine Awards – 2012

Eros Shine Awards. Thursday, 29 November 2012.

I have divided the photos up into three sets, as you can see I have given each set a different treatment. Enjoy :)

First is my shoes, bums and cleavage set (closely related to my grounded series, besides the bums and cleavage shots). I actually really like these photos in black and white, but considering how much people spend on shoes I thought I might get lynched for leaching them of their colourful glory! So here they are in colour, however, I have included them in b&w at the end just in case some of you enjoy the b&w aesthetic also.

Next are a bunch of kinda candid shots, for some reason I find it amusing taking photos of people playing with their sex toys, erm, mobile phones, I mean! Well, not much difference sometimes perhaps ;)

I have no real idea about the who’s who in this industry, so please forgive me if you missed out…

And here is a set of random event photos.

I was tending to steer clear of the photographer mosh pit, so this is a fairly random mix of bits and pieces


Shoes etc in b&w, the way I like it.