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Naked Nature

Naked Nature – Can getting naked save the planet?

Hey everyone, I made a video!

Does being naked connect us more with nature?
Is sexual repression connected to ecological destruction?

I asked these questions of several people and produced a video of the results. This was part of an assessment for Environmental Education as part of a Master of Environment at the University of Melbourne.

After presenting this video to the class I took off my clothes to highlight our discomfort with this aspect of nature, our own bodies, and read out the “25 Ways of to make Love to the Earth” (from the Journal of Ecosex Research, Stephens & Sprinkle 2014).

I ask:

– If we are uncomfortable with the nature of our own bodies, how can we fully connect with our ‘self’?

– Without a good connection to self, how can we connect fully with ‘other’, or nature?

– And without this connection to nature will our culture ever have sufficient empathy to protect it?

I also wrote a paper about this for Sustainability, Governance and Leadership, and might see if I can follow up with a research project,

Feedback welcome :)

Contact Improv Camp

Some photos from the Contact Improvisation camp at Wollemi Commons, Colo, NSW.

IMG_0727 1000px

Mary clay portraits

Mary by Philip Werner

Clay on skin.

Melbourne. November 2013.



Lauren Portraits

Lauren Homes by Philip Werner

Melbourne, November 2013.


IMG_9177 1000px-2

Great Ocean Road

After 5 years in Melbourne I finally made it down the Great Ocean Road!

IMG_8164 1000px

Sorrento Sky

From a trip down the Mornington peninsula, Victoria.

Images taken at the Sorrento Ocean Beach.



Ondsùs Clay Nudes

Ondsùs. Nudes and clay nudes.



Eros Shine Awards – 2012

Eros Shine Awards. Thursday, 29 November 2012.

I have divided the photos up into three sets, as you can see I have given each set a different treatment. Enjoy :)

First is my shoes, bums and cleavage set (closely related to my grounded series, besides the bums and cleavage shots). I actually really like these photos in black and white, but considering how much people spend on shoes I thought I might get lynched for leaching them of their colourful glory! So here they are in colour, however, I have included them in b&w at the end just in case some of you enjoy the b&w aesthetic also.

Next are a bunch of kinda candid shots, for some reason I find it amusing taking photos of people playing with their sex toys, erm, mobile phones, I mean! Well, not much difference sometimes perhaps ;)

I have no real idea about the who’s who in this industry, so please forgive me if you missed out…

And here is a set of random event photos.

I was tending to steer clear of the photographer mosh pit, so this is a fairly random mix of bits and pieces


Shoes etc in b&w, the way I like it.

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