I’ll shoot pretty much anything.

Portraiture and model portfolios, nudes, head-shots
Band photography, album covers/booklets, promo, live shoots
Events, weddings, parties, documentation
– Product photography for commercial use in brochures, fliers, websites, advertising
– Fashion photography for events, products, models, etc
– etc. just ask

Website construction – click here to see the price list

If you are any kind of independent professional or artist you need your own website!

I built this very website for myself and other sites I have built include:

I can set you up with your very own website using WordPress for which you can then keep updated yourself!

If you prefer, I can also guide you step by step through the whole process in a one-on-one tutorial as you do it yourself. You will then be and feel more empowered and in control and you will have learned valuable web-related skills.

WordPress makes is very easy for you to add and edit your own content, removing the need to pay someone every time you want to change something, though I can also make changes on request.

There is also a vast array of add-ons, called plugins, with which I can enable various services on your website like social media integration and shopping carts.

You will then have your very own website with your own URL like