Bill Henson Inspiration

So, I went to see the new Bill Henson exhibition on Friday and was surprised by how impressed I was.

I guess I had been expecting to show up and just see a bunch of photographs and was confronted with amazing works of art!

Various people have said similar things about his work and I never quite believed it, but in this case, seeing is believing. I can well understand why they sell for $30,000 (yes, 30k) each.

I don’t know my art well enough to name names, but the images have the same feeling to them as works of the old (dead) master painters.

So, this inspired me to play around more with lighting, i.e. experiment :)

Of course, then we went to have a sandwich and there in the deli was the Herald Sun with an article claiming that there were images of under age children in sexual poses. Obviously some drunk reviewer spent time on the company clock in the red light district instead of at the gallery. (Actually, I’m yet to find out where Melbourne’s red light district is, if it even has one).┬áReading stupid reviews like that makes me want to scream. Geezzz!

Go see it :)