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This event was the final project for Marisa Cartland & co in their Event Management course.

It was a fund raising event to raise money for The Art 2 Healing Project, which supports women and children who have been victims of sex trafficking and sexual slavery. Please visit their website for more information or to make a donation. http://www.theart2healingproject.org

Congratulations ! :)

Sisters for Sisters

Sisters for Sisters: fundraising event at the Toff in Town.

Wednesday, 16th February, 2011.

Event organiser: Sahida (Ida) Brahim (http://www.facebook.com/idamusiq)

“‘Sisters For Sisters’ is a charity gig funded by Victorian Multicultural Commission, and organised by women from Melbourne to help raise funds for several projects run by Art2Healing Project in Nepal, Cambodia and Thai-Burma Border that will support the operational cost of providing shelter, prevention campaigns, education, legal aid, vocational training and counseling projects.

Amazingly giving and talented Melbourne-based female artists, singer-songwriters, dancers, DJs, visual artists, spoken word artists and designers from diverse cultural backgrounds will be gathering together in solidarity and support for all our sisters in developing countries who have been exploited, sold and abused through sex-trafficking.

The aim and vision of this event is to uplift and inspire each other and to share our resources, express our talents, and extend ourselves to positively impact our global community.”

List of Performers:

Vida Sunshyne | Candice Monique | Joys Nyambi | Shirley Davis | Hailey Cranmer | Alex Arowe | Neda( Mista Savona) | Nai  | Quashani Bahd | Kundalila | Shaeh Psaila | Leash | Jacintha Percy | Kapella |Lakita | Jenny Apostolidis | MZrizk | Taka | Claudia  | Lis | Bam Bam Assassins | Burn City Queens | Andrea Louise Thomas | Bronwyn

(Performers! Please feel free to send me your websites to add a link to your name above.)

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